«Баш бит» битенең юрамалары арасында аерма

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==This subdomain is reserved for the creation of a Wikiquote in the <b>[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatar_language Tatar]</b> language.==
If you speak this language and think it would be cool to have your own Encyclopedia then '''you''' can make it.
'''''Go ahead. Translate this page and start working on your Encyclopedia.'''''
[http://en.wikipedia.org For more information go to the main website]
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'''Other wikis'''
<small> [http://sep11.wikipedia.org September 11 memorial wiki/Wiki memoriale des 11 Septembrem] | [http://meta.wikipedia.org Meta-Wikipedia/Meta-Vicipaedia] | [http://wiktionary.org Wikitonary/Victionaria] | [http://wikibooks.org Wikibooks/Vicilibraria] | [http://wikiquote.org Wikiquote/Viciquotas] | [http://wikisource.org Wikisource] | [http://wikitravel.org Wikitravel] </small>
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